Andrew and Kristi

Please join us for our wedding celebration on


Long story short, we couldn't wait to get married, so we did! But we still want you to celebrate our marriage with us. Our wedding celebration has been rescheduled to July 17, 2021.

Welcome to our website! Here you can find information our wedding, travel, accommodations, and other things. This is still very much a work in progress, so check back often for updates as we get closer to our big day. We also wanted to share a little bit about ourselves and our story leading up to where we are now.

We first met on the grassy slopes at the base of Snowmass, exhausted after just completing a 200 mile relay race. Kristi's first words were to ask if our finisher's medal had a bottle opener on it (they were supposed to) to which Andrew replied "I don't know". A few minutes later, Andrew returned, having found the bottle opener (it was obscured under the ribbon) and let Kristi know. And that was the fortuitous start of our love story.

It took a year of runs with the Highlands Ranch Running Club and hints from Kristi before we started dating. From there, the journey moved quickly with both of us bonding over our shared love of Nutella and traveling and our shared dislike of ketchup and dancing.

Almost 3 years after first meeting, we returned to Snowmass to go hiking. When we arrived, Kristi recognized the spot where we had first met. Excited, she wanted to go take a selfie at that same spot. 2 selfies later, Andrew got down on one knee...